'Legends & Lies' looks at role Revolutionary War-era slaves played in fighting British

"Legends & Lies: The Patriots" is airing a special "Forgotten Heroes" episode Sunday examining the Revolutionary War from the perspective of slaves who, despite their subjugation, took up arms to fight the British.

Throughout the war, black troops were an essential component in a war effort marked by razor thin margins of victory. By the time the Battle of Yorktown commenced, nearly one quarter of the rebel forces on hand were slaves.

These troops prove essential to victory, the surrender of the British, and the American independence that, ironically, they were not able to share in.

This special "Forgotten Heroes" installment is part of the 10-episode "Legends & Lies" series that dispels historical exaggerations and falsehoods that have developed over the years.

Executive Producer Bill O'Reilly combines his own research with the knowledge of leading experts to paint a new picture of the heroes and patriots who shaped America.

"Legends & Lies: The Patriots" airs Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on FOX News Channel.