Kara Del Toro's Bahamas Bikini Pic, Lily Aldridge's 'Fantasy Fireworks Bra,' and Much, Much More

Here's what all the fuss is about:

• Carl's Jr. spokesmodel Kara Del Toro took to Instagram on Monday to share a bikini selfie from her Caribbean excursion to the Exuma islands, a place she describes as "paradise" (above). Then again, how good could Exuma really be when the closest Carl's Jr. location is more than five hours away in Cancun, Mexico? (Hmmm?? Kara??)

• Speaking of Carl's Jr. models, we recently asked Charlotte McKinney about her biggest turn-off in an exclusive interview with FNM. Watch the video below to find out what it is (apart from Caribbean islands that don't serve Thickburgers, of course), then  to see some of her recent modeling shots for GUESS.

• CBS is reportedly developing a new "Star Trek" television series with Alex Kurtzman, whose previous producing credits include the 2009 "Star Trek" reboot and its sequel "Star Trek Into Darkness." And much like those last two projects, we're guessing William Shatner will once again be heartbroken when he's not asked to participate.

• On Monday, Victoria's Secret revealed that Lily Aldridge will be modeling the company's $2 million jewel-encrusted "Fireworks Fantasy Bra" at its 2015 Fashion Show. Aldridge seems quite flattered by the news (below), but we're guessing she's also a bit shocked that Victoria's Secret didn't just ask Taylor Swift to do it, like we all know they wanted to.

• Adele's latest single "Hello" has broken the record for most digital downloads in a single week. According to Neilson Music, the gloomy tune was downloaded to digital devices more than 1.11 million times, which probably explains why everybody at your local gym starts crying whenever they pop in their earbuds.

• "Girls" actress Allison Williams posed topless for the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar (below), wherein she reveals that she wears Spanx "almost every day" because she finds them flattering. We, however, are taking Williams' claim with a grain of salt, because we have a hard time believing anyone whose Spanxless body looks like this:

• According excerpts obtained by RadarOnline, Leah Remini's upcoming Scientology tell-all book reveals that Tom Cruise once berated his assistants for serving him tea in a chipped mug and for not preparing cookie dough to his liking. To us, however, this revelation don't sound so much as an indictment of Scientology, but rather a testament to how immaculate and delicious Tom Cruise's tea-and-cookies parties are.

• After earning a perfect score for his performance on Monday night's "Dancing With the Stars," Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his wife Lauren learned the sex of their unborn child live, on-air. And we'll be right back with that news — along with a special performance from Ke$ha — after the break! (Just kidding. They're having a boy.)

• And finally, legendary singer Johnny Mathis, 80, reportedly returned home from a concert in Cleveland to find his Hollywood Hills home burning to the ground, which only further solidifies our theory that anything and everything in California is always seconds away from bursting into flames.