JJ Soria, Latino Actor on The Rise in 'Filly Brown'

While still digesting the tragic death of his co-star Jenni Rivera, Joseph Julian Soria has still plenty of room for happiness. His new feature, “Filly Brown,” is finalized and ready to hit theaters in April. “I set up my goals, and they might be high, but they are realistic, and my goal is to win an Oscar soon,” he said.

“It didn’t take me long to realize that 'Filly Brown' was going to be a special project,” said Soria. “I decided to do the movie because my friend, and lead actress, Gina Rodríguez, called me and asked me to do it with her. My character is a horrible person, but working with so many talented people was amazing,” he said.

When asked about Jenni, Soria loses his smile. “I am so sad about what happened to her and to all the people that was in the airplane. I am so proud of her for everything she’s done. I think she inspired the whole world, and it is amazing everything that she was able to do for her family, for women, for Latinos. She told people to believe in themselves, she told women to be independent. She just did so much,” he said.

Soria’s work on “Filly Brown” has received positive comments from fellow Latino actor Edward James Olmos, who is also in the film. “He complemented me while I was working on a scene. He said that I am the real deal. That was just so amazing to hear from someone who's been in the business for so long,” he said.

“I found acting in the spring of 2003. I decided to take a class just for fun, and right at the first class I fell in love with it. I love the idea of creating a story and being able to play it,” he said.

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Soria’s first plan was to be a physical therapist. “I really wanted a stable job. I figured that for as long as people got hurt and needed help I was going to have a job, and that sounded like a safe plan. But the truth is that it wasn’t going to make me happy. Acting makes me really happy,” he said.

A Californian native of Mexican and Spanish descent, JJ says he wants to help the Latino community in Hollywood. “I hope I will be a breakthrough for other Latinos actors to come in, and I believe I will,” he affirms. His biggest acting inspiration is another actor that is opening ground for Latinos. “Javier Bardem is just so amazing. I really want to work with him. Everything he does is outstanding, and I don’t use that word for nothing. He is the best of the best, Latino or not,” said the actor.

The 26 year old has been acting for eight years now, and his list of accomplishments is growing at fast speed.  He’s been in “Dexter,” “The Shield,” “CSI: Miami, “Sons of Anarchy, “The Closer,” “Bones” and “Southland.”

In the big screen his credits include "Fast and Furious," "Crank: High Voltage, High School" and last year's "All She Can."

He is currently working in the new season of “Army Wives”, the Lifetime series, where he plays "the most complex character" of his career. "It feels really good,” he said.

Soria’s acting secret? Vulnerability and honest. “Every character I play, I play it for real. I think is all about allowing you to be a vulnerable person in front of the cameras. I am an honest person in real life and I am honest in the big screen. This is what makes sense to me,” he said.

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