Jennifer Aniston fake bald picture goes viral

Fans of Jennifer Aniston's signature hairstyles can breathe a sigh of relief because the movie star did not shave her head, though a picture floating around social media sites would lead you to believe otherwise.

The photo above, which first surfaced on a now-deleted Facebook page, was Photoshopped to make it look at if Aniston had ditched her long locks for a closely shaven look.

But according to multiple media reports, her long hair lives on.

The post on Facebook claimed that Aniston had shaved off her long hair to support a sick family member for the holidays. And while the story does sound like something the TV sweetheart would do, some searching around the web proves it's just not the case.

The image is simply a --very convincing-- editing job, which used a previous photo of Jen on the red carpet.

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