In the FOXlight: Warm Springs Productions Takes on 'Legends & Lies: The Real West'

FNC has a brand new hit on their hands with "Legends & Lies: The Real West," and that's thanks in no small part to Warm Springs Productions.

Warm Springs Productions, however, isn't your average production company. For starters, they've eschewed the West Coast for a studio in the heart of Montana, and unlike their competitors, there isn't a freelancer in sight.

"When we created this office, I wanted to create a space that I wanted to come to work [in], so I want to surround myself with good people, and also give them benefits," says co-founder Chris Richardson, who started the company with business partner Mark Pierce eight years back. "So it's important for us to have everything from the gym memberships to the 401K to the free beer, of course."

It's this very attitude that helps them maintain the quality seen in such huge productions as "Legends & Lies."

"I think in the end, there was 500 actors involved," Pierce tells FNC correspondent Michael Tammero. "We filmed in 10 different states — there's 500-plus hours of footage!"

To learn more about bringing a series like "Legends & Lies" to life, check out the behind-the-scenes footage above.