In the FOXlight: Shaun T's New Fitness Series Turns the Tables on the Trainers

Fitness guru Shaun T is well known for his innovative efforts to promote healthy living, and his latest project is no different.

"The new show is called 'My Diet is Better Than Yours,'" explains Shaun of his new TV series, which airs Thursday nights on ABC. "We take five contestants, we put them with a diet plan, and we see which plan works the best."

The twist? "We don't eliminate the contestant," Shaun says. "The contestant gets to eliminate the expert if the plan doesn't work."

And that's not the only way the series turns the tables on traditional weight-loss shows. "The other thing that makes this show different … is that these people are home. They're not sequestered," says Shaun. "[Viewers] see the struggle that people go through with weight loss."

Aside from his ABC gig, Shaun is also growing his healthy-living empire with new workouts as well as PrepT Foods, his signature meal plan. "I want to create something for everyone to have sustainable weight loss, long-term health, and to feel really good about who they are," he says.

Watch the clip above for more about "My Diet is Better Than Yours," and be sure to tune in for new episodes on ABC.