In the FOXlight: Legendary Entertainer Dick Van Dyke Says, 'As a Businessman, I Would Have Starved'

Almost nobody in show business has had a career like Dick Van Dyke's. He's been at it for almost seven decades now, entertaining the masses with legendary, memorable performances on stage and screen.

And he's not done yet.

At 89, Van Dyke has penned "Keep Moving," a new book filled with his philosophies on life, love, and staying active regardless of age.

"You cannot get up in the morning and have nothing to do," says Van Dyke of his "Keep Moving" mantra in an exclusive interview with Fox News correspondent Michael Tammero. "You can be 90 years old — it doesn't mean you're done for."

Needless to say, Van Dyke practices what he preaches. In fact, it's pretty clear he's never had "nothing to do," even from an early age.

"I was a clown … I was the school idiot," he says, explaining that he and his brother would often do impressions to the delight of their parents. But as he tells Tammero, it wasn't until his teens that he considered a career in show business, when a friend of his suggested they head to California to try out a comedy act.

"I never got out of the business," said Van Dyke. "One thing led to another. I was so lucky. As a businessman, I would have starved."

For more of Van Dyke's interview, be sure to watch the video above. And for a look at Van Dyke's (failed) foray into the fashion industry, check out the funny clip below.