Illinois grandmother faces phone cutoff after hundreds of 'American Idol' votes in one hour

An Illinois grandmother received a termination warning from her phone company after voting for “American Idol” contestants several hundred times in one hour, reported.


Ilene Henry, 72, received a notice from Comcast citing dialing patterns that were inconsistent with a residential phone number.

"I've got it down to a science now and instead of counting the calls, I keep hitting redial and I timed it and I get in about fifty calls in 10 minutes,” Henry said.

Each “American Idol” contestant is assigned his or her own toll-free number during the performance show. To vote, viewers simply dial the telephone number of the contestant for whom they wish to vote. Viewers can also vote via text, online or through the “American Idol” app.

According to the site, Henry tried to resolve the matter with Comcast, and when she was unsuccessful her granddaughter, Andrea Holt Batalia, stepped in to help.

"It is a lot of calls, but that's her choice,” Holt Batalia told My Fox DC. “Comcast advertises their digital voice service as unlimited and it doesn't say unlimited unless you call American Idol and you vote 10,000 times or 5,000 times or whatever the case may be."

The company now says the termination notice was sent to Henry in error.

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