'Gator Boys' get alligator bites but still keep fingers and toes

The “Gator Boys” were a bit overwhelmed when they landed in Mississippi for the second season of their Animal Planet series.

“It’s a big change from Florida,” animal trapper Jimmy Riffle said. “We didn’t know what to expect until we got to Mississippi, and as soon as we jumped off that first boat in the mud and we sank up to our necks we we’re like ‘what did we get ourselves into.’”

But Paul Bedard explained despite the challenges they continue to catch the deadly animals because it’s “just a passion we have.”

On the show, the duo captures nuisance alligators that have wandered into private backyards, swimming pools or even homes.

“I’ve got a lot of gators and they grow on you,” Bedard said. “You just learn to love them.”

And thankfully, the boys have learned how to stay safe while wrestling the alligators. They still have all their fingers and toes.

“We’ve both been bit, but fortunately, by the grace of God we’ve kept everything,” Riffle said.

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