FOX411 at Comic-Con: Jessica Biel's Hot Body Secret? 'I Have No Life'

We all may think stars have it easy when it comes to staying in tip-top shape thanks to top-notch trainers and personal chefs. But Jessica Biel says her secret is simple - sacrifice your social life!

“I have no life,” she told FOX411’s Pop Tarts at Comic-Con. “I spend a lot time in yoga class.”

Could some of those big new arm muscles be attributed to all the weaponry work in her current sci-fi action thriller “Total Recall”?

“I shoot an incredible gun, but I can’t say too much, because it’s special and new,” she said. “And we were just driving some incredible cars that look amazing.”

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Biel insists that her “Total Recall” reboot will also be far more emotionally charged than the 1990 original.

“You can expect to be surprised, it is quite different and a reinvention of the characters and story,” she added. “It is really based in reality, it is raw, darker and gritty. Of course there are incredible action sequences, cars and guns, but we’re really focusing on the emotional aspect.”

There's an emotional aspect to "Total Recall," the movie that originally starred cardboard actino actor Arnold Schwarzenegger? If you say so...!