FNM Exclusive: Jane Seymour Loves Her 'Inappropriate' Role in 'Fifty Shades of Black'

Get ready to see Jane Seymour in a whole new (hilarious) light.

The English actress, perhaps best known for her critically acclaimed roles in "Dr. Quinn" and "Somewhere in Time" (just to name a few), is now tackling an entirely different kind of genre in a raunchy new comedy titled "Fifty Shades of Black."

"I'm known for a lot for dramas and romances," Seymour tells FNM in an exclusive interview. "[But] especially the older I get, the more fun it is to push the envelope a bit. When I read 'Fifty Shades of Black,' I just thought it was absolutely hysterical."

It's worth mentioning that this isn't Seymour's first foray into funny films; she famously starred in "Wedding Crashers" alongside Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. However, her role opposite Marlon Wayans in "Fifty Shades of Black" allows her to stretch her comedy chops even further.

"I play [Marlon's] mother, so I play this really inappropriate, non-P.C. woman," says Seymour. "It was really hilarious."

"I think making this film, I realized yet again how much I love doing comedy, and how much I love doing improv," she adds. "And, you know, I've been so blessed working with Marlon [Wayans] and Kali [Hawk] … I've worked with some of the best. The better the comedian, the better I am."

Watch the rest of Seymour's interview above for more, and be sure to catch her hilarious new flick "Fifty Shades of Black," currently playing in theaters nationwide.