FNM Exclusive: 'CELEBrations' Star David Tutera Names This Season's Most 'Interesting' Celebs

David Tutera has planned a lot of lavish parties over the years, but his most recent projects probably take the cake.

"This season of 'David Tutera's CELEBrations' is so much more over-the-top," Tutera tells us in an exclusive video interview. "And I have to say, I think it's much better."

"CELEBrations," which just returned for an all-new season on We TV, follows David as he plans weddings, birthdays and other elite events for Hollywood's hottest (and sometimes most demanding) stars. But somehow, Tutera always finds a way to make everybody happy.

"We've got great celebrities — and expectations from each of them that sometimes are almost impossible," he says. "But it's a lot of fun."

For David's sake, we hope that last part about "fun" is true, because some of these new clients sound like they can be a handful.

"The uniqueness of the celebrities this season is really interesting," says Tutera. "We're going to do Vanessa Williams, who I am a big fan of; we've got Reza from 'Shahs of Sunset'; Heidi and Spencer, which were an interesting couple to work with, but it worked out really well; [and] Vivica A. Fox, who was certainly a diva."

And last but not least, David planned a party for one reality TV star he says he had to force himself to work with "kicking and screaming," but soon came to absolutely love

"Sometimes we all see people on television, and they're not exactly who they are when you meet them. She was exactly how she is on television."

Find out who she is in the video above, then tune in for new episodes of "David Tutera's CELEBrations" on We TV, every Friday night at 10 p.m.