Fake news site says Sofia Vergara endorsed Donald Trump and she is not happy

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Sofia Vergara is angry at a satirical news website for using her name and putting it in the same story, and on the same side, as Donald Trump.

The “Modern Family” actress took to Twitter earlier this week to slam a story posted on The Journal Daily, which claims she had endorsed the Republican front-runner.

“Stupid fake journal.never again use my name to invent stupid fake news,” Vergara tweeted with the link to the website.

In the story, the website wrote that Vergara that she “belongs to the 18 percent who don’t mind Trump’s recent comments” about the Latino community.

While the story was fake, it didn’t stop the actress from voicing her rage on social media.

It seems that others were just as angry as Vergara about the Journal Daily’s story because soon after Vergara tweeted, the website was shut down.

“The Journal Daily was a satirical news website. This means that all stories found on our website were purely fictional and meant for the sake of humor,” a statement on the site reads. “Some have accidentally mistaken this site to be factual, which is not the case. The creators intended to simply create humorous fake news articles to make people laugh. We have decided to permanently shut down The Journal Daily. Please consider reading articles on another satirical news site.”

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