EXCLUSIVE: Rose McGowan Says Obama Needs to Be 'Tougher' on Republicans

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President Obama’s approval rating recently dipped to an all-time low of 39 percent, and Hollywood actress Rose McGowan think it’s  because he isn’t pleasing the “left” enough.

“I would like Obama to be tougher on going up against the Republicans, I don't think he should try to be so moderate,” she told Pop Tarts at the Art of Elysium event in Los Angeles on Saturday evening. “I think the reality is that they're going to hate him no matter what."

But she wasn't done!

"I think gay marriage should be the national law," she added. "So that'd be primarily the biggest thing for me.”

On that note, immediately after Judge Walker called California’s enforcement of Proposition 8 (which prohibits same sax marriage) as “unconstitutional” in early August, McGowan was quick to tweet that she “wants to be a flower girl in a wedding asap.”

So it comes as no surprise that the “Grindhouse” star is pretty peeved that the federal appeals court put same-sex weddings in California on hold indefinitely while the constitutionality of the ban is being further examined.

“It's very annoying and I was all ready to be the flower girl, so I'm pissed off,” McGowan added.

And although things have been quiet on acting front for McGowan, who had to shelve her role as “Red Sonja” after suffering serious injury to her arm last year, the 36-year-old is rumored to up for the role of the ultra-glam Ginger Grant in the movie remake of the 1960’s sitcom “Gilligan’s Island.”

We can totally see that.

Additional reporting from Deidre Behar.