Emily Blunt on 'Girl on the train' role: 'I could barely look at my own reflection'

Emily Blunt had a serious make-under for her new role in "The Girl on the Train." She admitted she had a hard time looking at herself on set.

"It was hard seeing myself look so awful," Blunt told News.com.au. "I came into work with no makeup and they would make me look even worse, adding rosacea and bags."

She added, "I could barely look at my own reflection."

While Blunt might have had a hard time looking at herself in the mirror, the author of the book the movie is based on recently said she felt the actress was too pretty for the lead role.

Paula Hawkins said although Blunt was made to look "a bit s--t," she was still too attractive.

"Oh, she's too beautiful to play [the lead role] Rachel," Hawkins told the Daily Mail.

Blunt responded to Hawkins' comment saying they were "taken out of context."

"I think Paula’s comment was taken out of context after she made a joke before seeing the film saying ‘maybe Emily Blunt is a bit too pretty for it,'" she said.

"And now it’s become this whole sort of thing, which is annoying. But when people see the film, they won’t have any concern that I look pretty."

"The Girl on the Train" is based on Hawkins' book about an alcoholic divorcee who may or may not have witnessed a murder.