Duggar daughter sparks controversy by posing in picture with gun

One of the stars of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” has come under fire for a photo that’s making the rounds on social media that shows her posing with a gun. 

Jessa Duggar, 21, was photographed by her boyfriend, Ben Seewald, posing with a pink and black rifle.

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The photo, originally from May, got picked up by several media outlets this week, and as soon as fans of the show saw it, commenters took to Seewald's Facebook page to slam Duggar for her decision to pose with a gun. 

“They cannot do a front hug....or kiss.......but it is okay to hold up an assault weapon for giggles, yet we know how powerful Facebook, and other social networking tools are, this sends a strong message.....Each to their own, but when in the public eye, especially one of the 'Duggar Girls'… It is her right to do as she wishes, but come on guys.......this is not tasteful,” one commenter wrote. Another added, “While I believe in the right to [bear] arms, I can't believe a Christian would send out this photo because it's fun. If you want to be an adult act like one. I doubt her parents are proud of that picture.”

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Others jumped to Duggar’s defense, declaring they see nothing wrong with the photo. 

“You know what's really sad? There are millions of people that die of starvation, cancer, abortion, etc. None of you have anything better to do but harass this poor girl about a harmless picture…” one commenter declared. 

Neither Duggar nor her boyfriend has made mention of the controversy on their social media accounts.