Up and coming 19-year-old Bailey Bryan is taking over the country music scene. Bryan recently released her first EP, and she told Fox News she enjoys her new identity as a role model for young girls.

Fox News: You've been taking over the country scene. You just released an EP. Tell us about that.
Bailey Bryan: This EP is my very first ever, and it’s been four years in the making for me because I started traveling to Nashville when I was 15 to write songs from my hometown of Washington State. I moved almost two years ago, and that’s when I got to start the actual recording process of this EP. I decided to title it "So Far" because every single song on this EP directly represent an experience or a lesson I have learned that has made me who I am as an artist and person so far.

Fox News: A lot of people who become famous at such a young age go off the rails a bit. Is that something that worries you?
Bryan: I feel like I’ve been really fortunate in the process I have had creatively up to this point…I feel like I have been fortunate enough to have a lot of time to grow as an artist and figure out and establish who I am and the message I want to send to people. I was fortunate to have four years of writing before moving to Nashville; no one wanted to write with the 15-year-old girl who was not from Nashville and record labels were not looking at me, and I didn’t have management. It was just me... I’m confident in what is important to me as a person and artist. I wouldn’t say that worries me.

Fox News: You’ve become a great role model for young girls--- posting photos without makeup. Why is that so important to you?
Bryan: It’s the message of owning — my first single is called "Own It" — and this is something that I said a lot before I wrote the song: It’s really important to own the things that make you who you are. And those things are not often the prettiest and most perfect things about us as people. I think the hardest things we go through in life and the little imperfections are what make us unique.

Fox News: Is there anyone fans have compared you to in the biz?
Bryan: I think if you are a younger girl who is a country singer and songwriter in Nashville you are definitely going to get the comparison of Taylor Swift which is something that I would never shy away from because she was one of my very first influences when I started writing and I think that is never a bad thing. The comparisons are always to any other young female country artist that is coming up now.

Fox News: What do you think about the changing roles and evolving sounds of females in country music?
Bryan: What I think is really cool about this wave of female country singers happening at this time, the market is opening up so much more for people like me is that there are so many different varied unique sounds. It’s not like "If you sound like this then you will make it as a female singer right now," there are a whole lot of different styles so I am happy to be a part of that.

Fox News: You’re from a small town, so what was that like growing up there and transitioning into the industry?
Bryan: I grew up in a pretty little town in Washington, and I feel like the place I grew up is such a huge part of the music I do and all of the different influences I have sonically. Growing up in a little town, country music is super easy to relate to just because there was that real influence — I was getting stuck behind tractors on the way to school, but when you think Washington you don’t necessarily think country, but I could drive two hours and be in Seattle where there is an awesome underground hip hop scene and alternative music. I think country was my first love when it came to song writing… As I’ve gotten older I have become really passionate about a lot of different types of music and it was cool I had access to all of that growing up. I think having that country foundation but influence of all of these other types of music helps me shape my own sound.