CNN promo for upcoming Patty Hearst series used wrong photo

A photo mix-up added fuel to the flames of alleged falsehoods regarding CNN's upcoming docuseries, “The Radical Story of Patty Hearst.”

CNN had been promoting the series -- based on the book by Jeffrey Toobin -- with an image of a woman who turned out to be someone other than the publishing heiress from the 1970s kidnapping case.

“Who is this poor woman (not me) that CNN is using in their promos for Jeffrey Toobin’s upcoming ‘original series’,” the real Patty Hearst wrote on Instagram.

The news network told the New York Post the error was due to a mistake in the archives of photo agency Getty, from which CNN obtained the photo.

Getty tweeted Thursday, “We sincerely apologize for an archival image that we incorrectly labeled as @PatriciaHearst and was licensed by clients including @CNN. The image has been removed from our site. We deeply regret any confusion and meant no disrespect to Ms. Hearst.”

The project had already faced criticism from Hearst over its accuracy. A representative of the family told Page Six that the photo mix-up was telling of just how true the project “riddled with falsehoods” was. Hearst further denounced the project through a spokesman, who said the series offers a one-sided view from the kidnappers account and “romanticizes rape.”

Twentieth Century Fox Film had planned to release a film based on Toobin’s book, but decided to cancel the project in light of Hearst’s opposition, Deadline reported Thursday.

The CNN series' premiere is still planned for Feb. 11.