Brian Williams upsets, uses the phrase 'plowed over' during breaking news coverage

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Brian Williams’ breaking news broadcast on MSNBC caused some controversy on Thursday night.

When handing off the newscast to “Hardball” host Chris Matthews, Williams said, “We have just plowed over the normal-hour airtime of Chris Matthews tonight because of this confluence of breaking news.”

Some in the Twitterverse were offended by Williams’ word choice, which came after a terror attack in Nice, France, where a truck ran over a crowd gathered for Bastille Day fireworks, killing 84 people.

It is far from the first time Williams’ has been the subject of Twitter backlash. Earlier this month, he made headlines for comparing President Barack Obama to Richard Pryor.

In 2015, he was suspended from NBC for six months without pay after it was revealed he misrepresented the events surrounding his coverage of the Iraq War. He ultimately lost his “NBC Nightly News” hosting gig and has since moved over to MSNBC.