Bret Michaels reveals recent struggles with diabetes after performing at charity concert

Former Poison frontman Bret Michaels felt inspired after performing at a charity event to not only get himself in shape, but be open about his medical issues.

The singer, 55, spent his weekend performing at the Toys In The Sun Run charity concert to benefit the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. He later revealed on Twitter that he personally donated $5,000 to the cause where he thanked fans, promoters, bikers, veterans and radio volunteers that made the event possible.

On Monday the former “Rock of Love” star wanted to show the world that the event stayed with him after it was over. The star spoke about his own battle with diabetes since he was a child and how he’d allowed it to get a little out of hand recently. However, he noted that the children he saw battling the condition with such bravery inspired him to get his act together.

“I’ve spent the last 3 weeks in & out of emergency rooms with my kidneys & tests on my heart. With over 500,000 injections in my lifetime along with blood tests as a result of having Type 1 #Diabetes since age 6, I’ve been feeling a little down lately physically & spiritually,” he said. “Yesterday spending time in Florida on & off stage with diabetic friends, veterans, especially the kids & their families from @ToysInTheSunRun to benefit @JDCHospital was an amazing moment. Starting today I woke up, got my workout on & my blood sugar more excuses!”

The message came along with a collage showing pictures of Michaels at the event as well as a shirtless picture showing his healthier body.

The donation money came from Michael’s Life Rocks Foundation. According to the foundation’s website, the charity brings money to benefit several causes including diabetes, childhood cancer, military support and pet charities. Most notably, it sends children with diabetes to camps to help them both learn how to manage their condition and socialize with others that are living with diabetes as well.

While Michaels is getting personal about his battle, this is hardly the first time he’s shared his experience working as a rock star with type-1 diabetes.

“It’s all about maintaining a balance,” he told DiabetesHealth in 2008. “That’s the weirdest thing for a rock star to say: ‘balance.’ But as a diabetic rock star, it’s been about balance in my life. For every rose, there’s a thorn: that’s a song we have, and that’s what it is. It’s finding a sense of balance.”