Brandi Glanville tosses wine on 'Flipping Out' star Jeff Lewis

Brandi Glanville lost it (again) on television by throwing a glass of wine on “Flipping Out” star Jeff Lewis. The outspoken Beverly Hills “Housewife” was a guest on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” along with Lewis.

When Cohen asked Glanville if she would run her fingers through Lewis’ hair to prove it wasn’t a toupee she refused and then Lewis quipped, “Could I get an STD from that?”

“Yeah. Pretty much,” she replied before ominously saying, “You better check your mother---king self.”

When the show returned from a break, Glanville announced: “"Before we do this, I have something to say to Jeff about the whole, 'Can you get an STD from me putting my hands through his hair?'" and then proceeded to toss her wine in Lewis’ direction.

"I have no STDs. You're good," Glanville told him. "Alcohol kills everything."

"Including feelings!" Cohen kidded with a shocked look on his face.

Glanville then continued, "I really can't even talk about this right now because I'm getting so upset. I don't want to cry right now."

Cohen explained that during a commercial break everything seemed fine and Glanville explained to an apologetic Lewis that the subject was a sensitive one for her because she claims to have contracted an STD from her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian.

When the show returned Lewis kept on apologizing while Glanville broke down in tears and proclaimed, “I’m taking five!” while turning her chair around to sob.

Later Glanville tweeted that the entire drama was a prank cooked up between her and Lewis.