Attorney Weighs Whether to Use Mel Gibson's Racist Rant During Custody Trial

LOS ANGELES -- An attorney for Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend told a judge he may not introduce a series of taped racist and sexist rants by the Oscar winner during the couple's bitter custody dispute.

The move comes a week after lawyers for Oksana Grigorieva said the Russian musician was dropping her claims that Gibson physically abused her for the purposes of their custody case.
Attorney Daniel Horowitz said Thursday that the recordings were more relevant for a domestic violence restraining order, which Grigorieva is no longer seeking.

A Los Angeles judge agreed to temporarily halt the case so Grigorieva's attorneys can appeal a ruling allowing Gibson's attorneys to remain on the case. Grigorieva asked to disqualify them because she had consulted with a partner of one of the actor-director's family law attorneys.