AnnaLynne McCord's Topless Halloween Costume and Ellie Krieger's 'Devilish' Egg Recipe

Here's what everybody's gabbing about:

"Dallas" actress AnnaLynne McCord dressed as one of Karl Lagerfeld's eerily coiffed muses for Halloween, complete with a corset dress featuring a see-through top. It kind of makes us question whether Karl Lagerfeld missed his true calling all along, and should instead be working at your local Party City as a costume consultant.

Hosting a Halloween get-together? Food Network personality Ellie Krieger has an eerie appetizer idea that's not for the faint of heart: her "devilish" eggs. Watch the video above to see how she whips up a batch.

Kate Hudson turned up to her Los Angeles Halloween party wearing a skimpy biker-babe costume (below). Or at least that's what everyone assumes. Why are we ruling out the possibility that she actually joined a very sexy chapter of the Hell's Angels?

At Wednesday night's amfAR gala in Los Angeles, Gwyneth Paltrow introduced a musical performance from her estraged husband Chris Martin. The two seemed quite chummy, too, as well as thoroughly unaware that everyone else in the universe is sick of their crap.

US Weekly has photos of Kate Middleton's from Halloween in 2007, when she dressed as a "sexy witch." And, as it so often goes with Kate, her sister Pippa was also captured in the photos, standing slightly behind her older sister, in a slightly more fitted dress.

Speaking of Kate, she and husband William have reportedly flown over to Scotland for a relaxing "babymoon" before the birth of their second child. Because that's exacly what a pregnant, morning-sickness-ridden woman wants: a nice flight through Scotland's turbulent airspace, only to be greeted by haggis and blood pudding.

Katy Perry dressed as a giant Flamin' Hot Cheeto for Kate Hudson's Halloween bash (below). It was a great costume and all, but it was probably very disappointing when everybody learned that, no, she didn't bring along any actual Flamin' Hot Cheetos for everyone to enjoy.

During an interview on the Back 9 Network, Michael Jordan claimed he would easily beat President Barack Obama in a round of golf, joking that our Commander in Chief was a "s****y golfer." So we propose a golf-off between the two, and should Jordan win, he will immediately assume the role of president.

Paul Reubens confirmed that he'll be reprising most famous role in another Pee-wee Herman film. He neglected to mention who will be directing, but he confirmed Judd Apatow as a producer, so it's a safe bet Pee-wee is going to do his "Tequila" dance with Seth Rogen and James Franco at one point.

On Friday morning, Taylor Swift proved herself to be a master of genetic engineering, transforming into a creature she dubbed a "pegacorn" for her latest Halloween-themed Instagram post (below). My goodness, is there anything this woman can't do?

This past Thursday on Instagram, the editor of InStyle congratulated Jessica Biel on her "impending motherhood," fueling rumors that the actress is pregnant. RadarOnline is also reporting that Biel is three months along, so she'd better make a statement soon, lest the baby make it for her.

On the same day its final trailer was released online (below), "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part I" has already broken the record for most tickets sold during an online pre-sale. Apparently, people really want to find out if this Katniss lady and that Peeta dude can stave off their hunger with some of that mockingjay meat.

And finally, Kris Jenner is reportedly "livid" with Bruce Jenner for going on a date with her former assistant, although it's probably not because Bruce is finally moving on. We're guessing she's angrier that Bruce is now privy to all of her beauty secrets. Y'know, like her favorite concealers and shapewear.