Amy Schumer promises no Bruce Jenner jokes at MTV Movie Awards

When Amy Schumer hosts the MTV Movie Awards this weekend, the comic isn’t planning on roasting her fellow celebrities, she’s just going to "lightly trash everyone," including herself. But there's one public figure she won't be going after: Bruce Jenner.

"I would never. I think he looks good," Schumer told ET. "We have the same hair."

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Recently, Jamie Foxx caught a lot of heat after hosting the iHeartRadio Music Awards for jokes he made at Jenner's expense that many felt were offensive. Perhaps Schumer is taking a cue from that backlash when it comes to her hosting gig.

The 33-year-old actress has said that there is one actor she’s going to go after and she’s already started!

"Kevin Hart should be the most afraid but I did give him a heads up. I just thought it'd be funny to go after him super hard," Schumer explained, adding, "I want to see 'Get Hart.' A movie that teaches you how to survive seeing a Kevin Hart movie."

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Schumer also touched on her upcoming comedy "Trainwreck."

"I want everybody to see the movie just so they know how messed up I am," she said. "I can't wait."

The MTV Movie Awards air Sunday, April 12. "Trainwreck" hits theaters July 17.

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