20 concertgoers hospitalized, 200 more treated for heat-related illnesses at Vans Warped Tour, officials say

With the temperature in Nashville, Tenn., soaring to 92 degrees on Tuesday, a huge number of concertgoers attending the Vans Warped Tour suffered from heat-related illnesses.

According to the Tennessean, so far 20 people were transported to the hospital and 200 people were treated.

The Nashville Fire Department told the outlet that fire crews, along with Vanderbilt University Medical Center paramedics, transported 20 people from the Nashville Fairgrounds, where the concert is being held.

"We anticipate more as the first aid tent continues to stay full," said Nashville Fire Department spokesman, Joseph Pleasant.

The outlet reports that the concert, which started at 11 a.m., is expected to draw at least 15,000 people to the venue with 60 bands expected to perform.