Driving While Famous

Celebrity Car Accidents

  • 0226091450_M_Spears_Brit_Feb.jpg
    Britney Spears has seen her fair share of accidents, from running red lights, to running over paparazzi feet to tapping other cars with her Mercedes. She once said that she felt like if she could just get in her car and drive, she was free. Oh Brit, please just hire a driver.

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    James Dean's life came to a tragic end in 1955 when his Porsche collided with another vehicle. The Porsche and the accident have become the stuff of Hollywood legend, with some conspiracy theorists claiming everything from a jinxed car to Dean actually surviving the crash and going on to make additional projects.

  • 0226091450_M_Mansfield_Jayne.jpg
    Jayne Mansfield's tragic car accident is haunted by the urban legend that the pin up was decapitated in the crash. Her death was gruesome indeed, involving fatal head trauma, but the decapitation rumor has been consistently debunked.

  • 0226091450_M_freeman_morgan.jpg
    Actor Morgan Freeman may be in some hot water after an accident last summer. His fellow passenger, who Wednesday denied being his mistress, is now suing him for negligence.

  • 0226091450_M_diana_princess.jpg
    Princess Diana's 1997 Paris car crash has become the subject of competing cause theories. Some think that the fatal crash was caused by the paparazzi, while others said her driver was drunk.

  • 0226091450_M_locklear_mugshot.jpg
    In a mug shot that will forever live in infamy, actress Heather Locklear was busted for driving under the influence in September of 2008 after a witness spotted her driving erratically.

  • 0226091450_M_Hogan_Nick.jpg
    At just 17, the son of wrestler Hulk Hogan, Nick Bollea, was sentenced to jail for an accident that left his best friend (and front seat passenger) John Graziano critically injured after they crashed into a tree in 2007.

  • 0226091450_M_hilton_paris_031408.jpg
    Oh Paris, queen of scandal, what would your life be without your Bentley? The star nearly learned that the hard way in 2006 when her then-boyfriend crashed the $160,000 car into a truck with her in the passenger seat. The whole exchange was captured on video for the world to see and will forever be known for Paris screaming at Niarchos to stop driving after he said "Baby I'm [expletive] scaring myself" as he sped off. Paris then thanked the cops that let them go by proclaiming that they "love the police."

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    Actor Shia LaBeouf suffered a crushed hand in 2008 after he was involved in a high-speed collision with another driver. While police noted that LeBeouf was not at fault in the accident, cops at the scene reported that the young actor -who once said he swore off drinking - "exhibited obvious signs of intoxication."

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    Singer Brandy (aka Brandy Norwood) was involved in a car accident in 2007 that ended in the death of an L.A. woman. Norwood was driving at 65 mph on the L.A. freeway when she struck a 2005 Toyota, that was then struck by a 1988 Acura. Eerily enough, two of her co-stars on the hit show "Moesha" were killed in two separate incidents involving cars.