Woman Hires Hitman to Kill Ex-boyfriend

Police announced the arrests of Jose Martin Perez-Sanchez, 21, and Dianelis De La Caridad-Fonseca, 22, just after noon, Friday. Both have been charged with murder in the first degree for the stabbing death of 25-year-old Richard Vasallo. According to police, De La Caridad hired Perez-Sanchez to kill Vasallo, her ex-boyfriend.

Police said, over a 10-day period the two suspects conspired to kill her ex-boyfriend. De La Caridad offered an arranged marriage, for the purpose of establishing United States permanent residency status, and $600 to Perez-Sanchez in exchange for the murder of Vasallo.

Police found Vasallo lying near a parking lot, in the area of Southwest 216th Street and 98th Court, around the corner of his parent's house where he lives, at around 11 p.m., Wednesday. Police said, the two suspects allegedly lured Vasallo there. Officers were responding to a call about a man seen covered in blood, walking on the side of the road when they found him dead.

Family members showed up to the scene all night and into the following morning and spoke about their loved one's suspicious death. "It's devastating," said Enrique Arriagoa, the victim's uncle. "It's just a kid so full of life."

Roy Florat, the cousin of the victim, said he never saw such an coming from De La Caridad-Fonseca. "Very, very shocking," he said, "because we never thought she would be capable of something like that."

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Vasallo was a Florida International University engineering graduate and an instructional technology teacher at SIATech in Homestead.

According to the arrest affidavit, De La Caridad-Fonseca also may have targeted his father. Police, however, have not said why. Both suspects are being held without bond.

Meanwhile, the victim's family are left to make sense of their loss. "I just don't understand why she did that," said Florat.

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