Video reveals husband's confession moments after murdering wife

An Australian man who was found guilty on Tuesday of murdering his wife confessed to the crime just minutes after stabbing her, a new video reveals.

The video shows Christopher Cullen, 51, wrapped in a foil blanket with a swollen face and eyes after a confrontation with his wife, 39-year-old Victoria Comrie Cullen, Sky News reports.

Victoria Comrie Cullen was stabbed 18 times and her throat had been slit in the murder on the grounds of a Sydney fishing club in January 2014.

"Do you understand you are under arrest for the murder of your wife?" a police officer was heard asking Christopher Cullen.

“Yes,” he says, before explaining how he got into an argument with her and “lost control” after she talked to him “about her sex life.

"She stabbed me, I stabbed her," he said, according to Sky News.

A court had heard the couple split up three months before the murder and that Cullen threatened to kill his wife after accusing her of having an affair. He is due to be sentenced next week.

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