Venezuelan speeders beware: President Chavez pulls over, scolds lead-footed motorist

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Hugo Chavez has a new pet peeve: speeding drivers who he says are creating mayhem on Venezuela's highways.

Chavez says he recently was tailgated in the slow lane by a young man in a truck who unknowingly honked at the president and then passed him on the shoulder.

But Chavez didn't let it go at that. He says he chased down the vehicle — probably with the presidential motorcade in tow — and scolded the remorseful motorist.

Chavez, who is known to enjoy driving himself on road trips from time to time, said Sunday on his weekly broadcast show that "there's madness on the highways."

He urged police to crack down on speeding and spread the word that reckless driving won't be tolerated.