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Diplomatic Standoff with Caracas

Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez blocks U.S. ambassador designate

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  1. Around the World: Out-of-Control Tractor Trailer

    Driver in Ontario narrowly escapes being hit by semi carrying tons of soil

  2. Venezuela Bull

    Chaos as bull leaps fence at bull fight

  3. Venezuela Bull

    Chaos as bull leaps fence at bull fight

  4. Community Organizer Years

    'Hannity's America' examines the job Barack Obama says qualifies him for the nation's highest office

  5. International Loss

    Fans from around the Globe react to Michael Jackson's death

  6. Arepa Venezuela

    Chefs prepare the world largest arepa

  7. Violent Political Protests in Venezuela

    Demonstrations over President Chavez's decision to pull plug on TV station that is critical of his office

  8. Around the World: Oil Refinery Fire in Venezuela

    Blaze breaks out on loading pier while workers were transferring diesel fuel onto ship

  9. Around the World: Nuclear Plans Halted

    Venezuela tables atomic program

  10. Arms Deal

    Venezuela's Chavez arrives in Russia seeking 'protection' from U.S.

  11. Power Hungry?

    Russian warships flexing muscle in America's backyard

  12. Expectations Met?

    Obama adviser weighs in on first showdown between presidential candidates

  1. Venezuelan Voters Deal Blow to Chavez

    Opposition candidates make headway in elections

  2. Chavez Going Nuclear

    Russia agrees to build nuclear plant in Venezuela

  3. Signs of Strain in Venezuela

    Economic hardship beginning to erode popularity of President Hugo Chavez

  4. Venezuela Makes Nuclear Deal with Russia

    President Hugo Chavez struck a deal with Russia to build country’s first nuclear plant

  5. Chavez: Venezuela Studying Nuclear Program

    How concerned should the U.S. be about the project?

  6. Students in Venezuela

    Students in Venezuela Protesting

  7. War Games?

    Russia sends warships on exercises near Venezuela

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