Ukrainian Activists Go Topless in Prostitution Protest Ahead of Euro 2012 Soccer Draw

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian women's rights activists went topless Friday outside Kiev's Olympic Stadium to rally against alleged attempts to legalize prostitution during next summer's Euro 2012 soccer tournament.

Five half-naked demonstrators from the Femen group held up signs saying "Euro 2012 without prostitution," "Euro 2012 attacked our gates" and "F*cking Euro 2012," in front of the entrance to the stadium, while miniature soccer balls dangled on strings attached to their underwear.

But the protest in the capital was short-lived before Ukrainian police dragged the women away.

The group claims that UEFA, European soccer's governing body, encouraged the Ukrainian government to relax its rules on sex tourism with a large influx of foreign fans due to arrive in June for the soccer event.

The stunt came hours before the draw for the finals was set to take place at the Palace of Arts in Kiev.

Ukraine is hosting the tournament with Eastern European neighbor Poland.