North Korea's Kim Jong Un has his own pop band

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Britain had the Spice Girls. America had Destiny's Child. North Korea has ... the Moranbong Band?

The five girls dancing on stage to catchy pop tunes while wearing glittery short dresses is a stark contrast from the gray garb usually seen across North Korea, but the state-sanctioned band is careful to stay on message.

The group, commissioned by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, sings songs like "Our Dear Leader," and "Let's Study!"

[youtube Mf5rj89r0zk]

Moranbong is part of North Korea's renewed effort to introduce pop culture to the isolated nation while still controlling the message.

In a news article released by state-controlled North Korean media after the group's first performance, Kim Jong Un praised Moranbong and said the group "underscored the need to steadily develop traditional music in a balanced manner to suit the thoughts and feelings of Koreans and their aesthetic taste while meeting the need of the times and people's desire."

The group most recently performed at a martial arts demonstration in April.