Nobel laureate: Don't 'muddle up' terrorism with Islam

Nobel Peace Prize winner Wided Bouchamaoui is urging people everywhere not to "muddle up" terrorism with Islam.

The Tunisian businesswoman, who co-founded the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet which won the 2015 peace prize, says Muslims who practice their faith calmly and respectfully are "victims of a semantic problem" when "terrorists" are described as "Islamic terrorists."

"I think we should call a spade a spade." Bouchamaoui told the U.N. General Assembly's high-level forum on The Culture of Peace on Thursday. "A terrorist is a killer, a murderer, a criminal, and I would even say an imposter who is manipulating Islam."

After deadly attacks in Tunisia and elsewhere blamed on extremists, she said it is crucial for the international community to review and reconsider solutions to combat "terrorism."