Nigeria raises toll to 99 killed in Saudi hajj disaster near Mecca

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An official says the number of Nigerians killed in the Saudi hajj stampede has risen to 145.

Spokesman Uba Mana of the Nigerian Hajj Commission said Nigerian officials have found dozens of citizens in searching through corpses at morgues near the scene of the Sept. 24 disaster in Mina, near the holy city of Mecca.

He said 165 Nigerians remain missing and seven are hospitalized with injuries.

Mana, who spoke by telephone on Monday, said bodies are being buried in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi officials have said 769 were killed, a figure they used when Nigeria first reported 64 citizens dead.

An Associated Press count has at least 1,551 killed.

Saudi authorities say two waves of pilgrims converged on a narrow road, causing hundreds to suffocate or be trampled.