Nancy Pelosi -- The General Custer of Our Time

Speaker Pelsosi is the General Custer of our time. She is leading her troops to slaughter at the polls in 2010.

The Speaker is vastly outnumbered by a majority of Americans do not want the health care reforms dictated by House Bill passed Saturday evening.

According to a poll by Rasmussen Reports, 52% of Americans are opposed to the Democrats' plans for health care reforms. A majority of Americans believe that the legislation will increase costs and will result in a lower standard of health care to boot.

In the elections on November 3, Democrats failed to heed the clear signals of voter dissatisfaction with incumbent Democratic administrations and candidates as expressed in the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races. The people of those two states are concerned, first and foremost, with high taxes and unemployment. They want a government that focuses on the economy not issues that do not improve their immediate concerns. They are fearful about their futures and are concerned with government spending and sizable deficits.

Like Custer, Pelosi refuses to see what there is to be seen. The Democrats have manufactured a “crisis� on health care when we have an honest to goodness national economic crisis they refuse to deal with.

The American people know that the Democrats' stimulus bill that was passed earlier this past year is a failure -- even by President Obama's own standard. The president promised that if the $700 billion dollar spending bill was passed that that millions of jobs would be created and the nation's unemployment rate would not exceed 8.5 percent. We now know that millions of jobs have been lost and that our national unemployment rate exceeds 10% and in some urban areas it even tops 17 percent.

What good is “affordable� heath care if you do not have a job to pay for it?

The Democrats have waited generations to be in the position to establish nationalized health care. Their philosophy is that the American people are going to get it whether they like it or not.

When Democrats created Medicare and Medicaid they promised that it would be self-sustaining over time through reduced costs and increases revenues. These are the same promises they are making today with regard to their current expansion of socialized health care.

We know that Medicare and Medicare, (by the Democrats' own admission) is rife with fraud, mismanagement and abuse and is about to go bust and is not sustainable. Now the Democrats seek to bring that incompetence to every single American.

Pelosi may have won a battle but she will lose the war. Republicans, joined by independents and Blue Dog Democrats will take their revenge at the ballot box in 2010.

Bradley A. Blakeman, is a professor of Public Policy  and Politics at Georgetown University. He served as Deputy Assistant to President George W. Bush from 2001- 04.