Matador Cheats Death After Bull Rams Horn Through His Chin

A matador cheated death by inches when the beast he was tormenting rammed its horn straight through his chin and out through his mouth.

It only took a split second for Julio Aparicio to become the bull's bloody victim at a Madrid bullring.

The animal had already been pierced with several banderillas and was close to being killed when he seized his chance of revenge.

Aparicio stumbled and the angry beast charged at him, prompting the crowd at the Las Ventas bullring to gasp in horror - expecting the bull to rip off the fighter's jaw or even his head.

Remarkably, the beast stepped back and his horn slipped out of the matador's face as swiftly as it had entered.

Aparicio fell to the ground in shock, with blood pouring from his gaping wound.

Ringside medics rushed him to hospital where leading surgeon Dr. Maximo Garcia Pedros performed two operations which saved his life.

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