Latino Man Trapped by Blades in Giant Bread Mixer

A man fell into an industrial mixing machine at a Dallas bakery Saturday and it took heroic acts by a surgical team to save him.

Freddie Bermudez somehow became trapped by the huge blades in the mixer that is large enough for several people to stand in.

"Huge vat with basically spiral blades to mix the flour and he was pinned with his face against the wall with the blades against his back and arm pinned under one of the blades. So he was kind of contorted, I guess, leaned back that way. That's what made it difficult because he was pinned in two spots," said Dr. Brian Williams.

While Dallas Fire-Rescue tried to figure out how to get the 28-year-old out, doctors from Parkland Hospital were giving him blood and pain killers through an IV. They prepared for the possibility of having to surgically amputate his arm right there inside the flour-covered mixer.

"Feet in the air, head down so we actually are working on him in the trough. We are all upside down as well so it's not quite as easy as you would imagine," Dr. Alexander Eastman said.

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The doctors explained to him he might have to lose his arm to get free.

"We explained that to him. We do it all the time in the hospital. It's the same type of conversation. You try to be sensitive about it, explain it as sensitively as you possibly can. But I think in that situation he just wanted to get out of the vat no matter what it took. But fortunately we saved his arm," he said.

Bermudez is still in critical condition in the intensive care unit at Parkland. But doctors said his family is very grateful he is alive.

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