Oregon Camel Rescue

Firefighters in Oregon received an unusual call Tuesday night: A 1,500-pound camel needed to be rescued from a sinkhole.

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    Camel Rescue

    Sept. 14, 2010: Firefighters from Oregon's Clackamas Fire District #1 dig to rescue camel Moses from sinkhole.
    Clackamas Fire District #1
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    Camel Buried

    Sept. 14, 2010: The camel's owners called 911 at 9:42 p.m. to report the trapped animal.
    Clackamas Fire District #1
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    Moses Buried

    Sept. 14, 2010: When firefighters arrived, they found the camel stuck in mud up to its shoulders in a sinkhole about 6 feet deep and 8 feet in diameter, said fire department spokesman Steve McAdoo.
    Clackamas Fire District #1
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    Firefighters Dig to Save Camel

    Sept. 14, 2010: Firefighters had to carefully shovel mud for several hours to free the animal and placed straps round him to lift him out.
    Clackamas Fire District #1
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    Firefighters Dig With Care

    Sept. 14, 2010: Firefighters carefully shoveled mud for several hours so they could pull the animal out in one shot. They feared Moses would break his legs if he'd try to free himself while still partially buried.
    Clackamas Fire District #1
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    Camel Walks Away

    Sept. 14, 2010: The camel rested on its side for about one hour after being rescued then stood up and walked back to his barn, fire department spokesman Steve McAdoo said.
    Clackamas Fire District #1
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