Former soldiers clash with protesters in Haiti; 1 dead

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A group of former soldiers clashed with a far larger gathering of anti-government demonstrators in Haiti's capital, resulting in the death of an ex-member of the military.

About 100 veterans of Haiti's abolished military and some younger supporters paraded through streets of Port-au-Prince on Friday. Many wore faded green uniforms and few carried rifles and pistols.

When the ex-soldiers passed near anti-government protesters the two sides shouted insults. Some protesters hurled rocks and a few ex-soldiers fired their weapons.

Associated Press journalists witnessed a group of protesters rushing the ex-soldiers. One veteran was caught and smashed repeatedly with cinderblocks and rocks. A protester stole his boots and as he lay battered on the street.

Haiti's military was abolished in 1995 because of its history of toppling governments and crushing dissent.