Florida Crocodile Caught Roaming Local Neighborhood

A crocodile spotted strolling through one South Florida neighborhood has been captured and relocated.

The 8- to 10-foot crocodile was spotted by residents Wednesday morning, in the front lawn of a South Miami home, located at 6924 SW 65 Avenue. "I come outside, and I see all these guys around this pretty big crocodile," said Javier Tobares. "It's pretty interesting. I never seen a crocodile so close."

Police arrived around 5:30 a.m. to monitor the crocodile before trappers were called out. They captured it before anyone was injured. "Right there," Edwidge Laroche, a neighbor, "where they trapped it by the tree."

A chain-link fence with a gaping hole in it, along a nearby canal, could be how the croc gained access to the neighborhood. "It came from the canal from down the street and went to everybody's front door, and it ended up at my front door," said Laroche.

The nearly 250-pound reptile was captured and taken away to an undisclosed location, in its natural habitat, away from humans.

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