Dutch Police Release Somali-Born British Terror Suspect Arrested on Flight

Dutch authorities released without charge a Somali-born British man who was arrested at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport Sunday on suspicion of terrorism, according to the prosecution service.

"The man was freed on Wednesday morning and has since departed from the Netherlands," AFP quoted the prosecution service in a statement, adding the investigation "did not yield any additional incriminatory material."

The suspect was arrested over the weekend just before his flight for Uganda was scheduled to take off. He had arrived on a flight from John Lennon Airport in Liverpool, where authorities had tipped off Dutch police, AFP reported.

"According to information, the man had serious plans to take part in the terrorist struggle in Somalia and was willing to give his life for this purpose," AFP quoted Wednesday's statement.

Dutch and British authorities questioned the man as well as other witnesses and carried out searches, but "The investigation failed to confirm the information received on Sunday, September 19."

On Aug. 30, two other Yemeni travelers were arrested on suspicion of a terrorist plot after flying from Chicago to Amsterdam.

They reportedly had "suspicious items" in their baggage like cell phones taped together, but were later released without charge.