Canada driver faces nearly $300 fine for texting in a drive-thru

A motorist on line at a donut shop drive-thru last month was issued a nearly $300 fine-- for texting.

The summons was issued to A.J. Daoust who wondered how he could have run afoul of Canada’s law against distracted driving at a drive-thru.

“I asked him, ‘In a drive-thru? Is this even possible?’” Daoust told CBCNews Edmonton, according to Fox 32.

Daoust was nabbed at a Tim Horton's in Alberta. He had stopped for a morning coffee.

The office let Daoust pull out of the drive-thru before handing him the $287 ticket, Fox 32 reported.

“He was definitely within his right, but to me this is ridiculous. It’s just kind of heavy-handed,” he told CTV Edmonton, according to Fox 32. “Once he gave me the ticket, I was absolutely livid. He got an earful from me.”

Daoust said he would appear for his court date next month, but doesn’t believe he’ll win.

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