Bogus Cop Builds His Own Unmarked Squad Car

A bogus police officer built his own unmarked patrol car, a U.K. newspaper reported Thursday.

Robert Connolly, 24, used his skills as an electrician to convert the black Vauxhall Corsa and spent thousands of dollars fitting sirens, a flashing blue light and onboard control panel to make it look and sound like an unmarked squad car, the Daily Mirror reported.

But he was caught when real police officers arrested him after he pulled over a woman driver who had annoyed him by not moving from an outside lane on a highway.

Connolly, from Coventry, admitted at the city’s magistrates’ court to impersonating a police officer.

Connolly told the court: “I fitted the car with blue lights as I volunteer as a medical worker at motorsports events.

“I’ve never used them on a public road before but was getting frustrated with a woman who did not respond to my flashing lights.”

Police became suspicious of the car after real cop Ross Cleaver spotted that it did not resemble any other vehicle in the force’s fleet.

Cleaver said: “It was kitted out with a siren and lights so I asked him if he was a paramedic. He said no. I then asked him if he was a policeman and he said no again. I told him he had better come with me.”

Connolly was given a 12-month community order and told to do 100 hours of unpaid work.