American Humiliated for Having Same Name as Pro-Iran Activist

An American brain scientist was humiliatingly scrutinized at an airport security check in London on her way to speak at Hebrew University in Israel. The reason: She shares the name "Heather Bradshaw" with an American activist on the airline's watch list, Haaretz reports.

The airline declined to comment to the newspaper on security matters, adding that it operates according to instructions issued by government security authorities.

According to a complaint lodged with El Al on behalf of the lecturer by a professor from the University of Haifa, Bradshaw was treated as a suspect by security personnel at the airport. The complaint stated that she showed the security staff evidence of the purpose of her visit and the names of people with whom she is in contact at Hebrew University and the Weizmann Institute, as well as other documentation including a passport showing several prior visits to Israel, reported Haaretz.

But security officials showed disregard for the information.

The complaint, directed at El Al CEO Eliezer Shkedy, said security personnel conducted a humiliating search of her body and also unpacked her personal possessions.

It said the security procedure took about 50 minutes and Bradshaw was then rebuked for delaying the departure of the flight and as a result had to leave her luggage and all of her other personal items behind, including her purse and a watch.

For more information, see the full story at Haaretz.