West Virginia lawyer suspended for threatening to shoot fake spiders with a gun

An arachnophobic attorney was suspended Wednesday after he allegedly flashed a gun and threatened to shoot the fake spiders that decorated his West Virginia office.

Logan County assistant prosecuting attorney Chris White could face termination or even charges, according to WCHS, after an Oct. 5 incident in which witnesses say he became enraged at the site of fake spiders scattered throughout his office.

“He said they had spiders everyplace and he said he told them it wasn’t funny, and he couldn’t stand them, and he did indeed get a gun out,” prosecutor John Bennett told WCHS. “It had no clip in it. Of course [the people in his office] wouldn’t know that. I wouldn’t either if I looked at it, to tell you the truth.”

Bennett said White reportedly didn’t point the gun at any individual, only threatening to shoot the spiders.

“I never saw it coming, that’s for sure,” Bennett said. “Obviously, I wouldn’t have even hired him if I had seen it coming. And the fact that he’s been there five years and we haven’t had any incidents like this also, to me, is a pretty good indication it’s certainly out of the ordinary.”