US judge: Covert FBI sources can testify while IDs hidden

A federal judge has agreed to preserve the secret identities of two covert FBI sources who gathered evidence against a man who tried to join al-Qaida-linked fighters in Syria.

Federal District Judge Terrence Boyle on Wednesday said an FBI employee known as "Zaydan" and a non-government source called "Nusaybah" can testify in disguise or behind screens at the March trial of Basit Sheikh. He's charged with providing material support to a terrorist group.

Sheikh, of Cary, North Carolina, was arrested in 2013 as he prepared to board a flight to the Middle East. He initially refused anti-psychotic drugs to address his schizophrenia, but he was forced to take them under court order and his trial can now proceed.


This story has been corrected to show Boyle spoke Wednesday.