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Trump to make statement on 'country's victory' after Senate acquits him of impeachment charges
President Trump on Thursday is expected to give a "victory" speech after the Senate overwhelmingly voted to acquit him of both articles of impeachment Wednesday afternoon.

"I will be making a public statement tomorrow at 12:00pm from the @WhiteHouse to discuss our Country’s VICTORY on the Impeachment Hoax!" the president tweeted Wednesday.

The White House declared that Trump had received “full vindication and exoneration” from a “sham impeachment.” By a final vote of 52-48 against conviction on the abuse of power charge and 53-47 against conviction on the obstruction charge, the Senate fell far short of the two-thirds, 67-vote supermajority needed to convict and remove the president. Swing-vote Republican senators -- including Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee -- voted to acquit on both counts. (Click here to see how the senators voted.)

The only party defection was on the abuse of power charge from Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, who declared hours before the final vote that Trump had engaged in as "destructive an attack on the oath of office and our Constitution as I can imagine." However, Romney voted not guilty on the obstruction charge. (Exclusive: Romney explains his vote.)

Some expect the mood at the White House to be jovial Thursday as Trump embarks on a victory lap. Meanwhile, the mood is somber on the Democrats' side.

Coupled with an embarrassing debacle over the final vote tally in the Iowa caucuses and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's public display of frustration and anger in ripping up Trump's speech at the State of the Union address, it's been a very bad week. Several Congressional Democrats, speaking to Fox News, were dejected on Capitol Hill late Wednesday, even as they said they hoped to weaponize the acquittal votes by several moderate Republicans in swing states.

That didn't happen, and now they have to face consequences on the road leading to the November elections. Click here for more on our top story.

Other developments in Trump's acquittal at his Senate impeachment trial:
- Laura Ingraham calls on Mitt Romney to resign, says she 'may consider' opposing him in 4 and a half years
- Trump, Democratic presidential candidates, campaign off impeachment acquittal
- McConnell: Trump's impeachment was a 'colossal political mistake' by Democrats

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Buttigieg, Sanders nearly tied in Iowa caucuses
Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., are nearly tied in the Iowa Democratic caucuses, with nearly all results counted in a contest marred by technical issues and reporting delays.

According to The Associated Press, the race remained too early to call early Thursday with 97 percent of precincts reporting. A new batch of results released just after midnight narrowed the margin between Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind. and Sanders, the progressive senator from Vermont. Click here for more.

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Remembering Kirk Douglas
Kirk Douglas, one of the most famous American leading men of the mid-20th century remembered for his dimpled chin, chiseled features, and virile Hollywood roles, died Wednesday at the age of 103, his family announced.

Kirk's son, Michael Douglas, reflected on his father's legacy, saying, in part, "Kirk's life was well lived, and he leaves a legacy in film that will endure for generations to come, and a history as a renowned philanthropist who worked to aid the public and bring peace to the planet." Click here for more.

Pelosi practiced? House speaker apparently pre-rips State of Union speech during Trump address.
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'Tucker' Exclusive: DHS suspends Global Entry, Trusted Traveler Programs for NY residents in response to sanctuary law. 
Strzok-Page drama 'FBI Lovebirds' to be first play ever performed at CPAC.

China to halve tariffs on some U.S. imports as virus risks escalate.
Millions of American homeowners see fortunes improving, study finds.
Bernie Madoff terminally ill, seeks early prison release.

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Tucker Carlson gives his final thoughts on President Trump's impeachment, saying Democrats "helped the man they say they hate."

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