San Francisco asks federal judge to block Trump's executive order on sanctuary cities

San Francisco asked a federal judge Wednesday to block President Trump’s executive order threatening to cut off federal funding for sanctuary cities.

San Francisco argued that Trump’s executive order steamrolled state sovereignty and that the president overstepped his authority, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The motion asked the court to prohibit Trump from withholding federal funds and rule that San Francisco’s sanctuary city status complies with federal law.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera accused Trump of “bullying” sanctuary cities by his threats to withhold funds that would be used for programs that provide meals and medical care for seniors and families.

“These entitlement programs are not the president’s to take away from those in need, and San Francisco is not one to back down from a bully,” Herrera said.

San Francisco is one of numerous cities nationwide that have sued to have Trump’s order blocked. More than 400 cities and counties have refused to comply with federal agencies’ requests to detain residents who have immigrated to the U.S. illegally or participate in immigration raids.

The city’s suit claims it will lose $1.2 billion funds over the executive order.

A hearing on the request has been scheduled for April 5.

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