Two men who drove a truck through Wellesley College waving a Trump flag while yelling "Make America Great Again," and were accused of shouting racial slurs will not face disciplinary charges, their lawyers said.

Parker Rand-Ricciardi and Edward Tomasso, students at nearby Babson College, faced accusations of harassment and disorderly conduct before the college’s honor board on Friday.

On Monday, however, the school officially ruled that the students did nothing wrong and that the racism charges were unfounded.

The Nov. 9 incident, which led to the young men being expelled from their fraternity, was controversial because of accusations popping up on social media that Tomasso and Robbins had spat on a Wellseley student and yelled racist and homophobic slurs.

“This has been an extremely difficult, painful five weeks for Parker and his family, one that has naturally taken a toll on them,” Jeffrey Robbins, Rand-Ricciardi’s attorney said in a statement. “They are grateful for the kindness and support of so many people, including both friends and complete strangers.”


Wellesley College (Wikimedia Commons)

There was no word on whether the faculty members who signed a letter condemning the now-disproven actions will apologize.