Pope in America

The Pope is in America! Today he’ll speak to Americans on his first ever visit to the U.S.. Pope Francis will meet with the President and speak to America’s bishops. An arrival ceremony at the White House today will feature 15,000 Americans. During our show there’s a papal motorcade from the White House to Saint Matthew’s Cathedral. He’ll meet with various church officials before holding a Noon prayer service in Spanish. Afterwards he heads via motorcade to what is the Catholic version of an embassy called the Nunciature. We’ve got Fox team coverage, and we’ll talk to Shepard Smith and some other guests about the historic visit.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping also in the United States visiting Seattle before heading for Washington. Dan Springer reporting.

There’s lots of political news today too.

Live events with Lindsey Graham, Carly Fiorina and this afternoon, Donald Trump.

New polling out this morning from Bloomberg. It shows Biden surging even though he hasn’t officially entered the race for the White House.

The Bloomberg poll still has Clinton in the lead with 33%, Biden gets 25% and Sanders with 24%. The polling was of Democrats and Democratic leading voters.

Hillary Clinton has come out against the Keystone Pipeline.

Bloomberg is reporting the FBI has recovered some email from Hillary Clinton’s private server. Private and work emails were deleted. Bloomberg’s Del Quentin Wilber
writes, “The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s success at salvaging personal e-mails that Clinton said had been deleted raises the possibility that the Democratic presidential candidate’s correspondence eventually could become public. The disclosure of such e-mails would likely fan the controversy over Clinton’s use of a private e-mail system for official business.”

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